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Deborah's art displays the beauty of the avian world. She hopes her images of birds will inspire all of us to be good stewards of the earth, in order to preserve nature's wonders. One of the many ways to help children and families learn to care about nature is through direct observation of birds. She believes individual actions are one of the greatest forces for conservation!

Artist Biography

From her childhood in Philadelphia to the present day, Deborah has had a passionate interest in art and the natural world around her. After attending the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) she became an art educator in a private school, and in her own gallery/studio for over twenty years. She has also completed many commissions for private collections and participated in numerous art shows.

"I like to work big and decorative to create an impact and gain attention from those that might not ordinarily take notice of a bird.


If I can get them to stop and realize the beauty and diversity of the avian world, they might take their own personal steps in being more responsible to help preserve the only home we know, our earth."

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